PA92 High-Voltage Power Operational Amplifiers

By Apex Microtechnology 144

PA92 High-Voltage Power Operational Amplifiers

Apex Microtechnology's PA92 is a high-voltage, low quiescent-current MOSFET operational amplifier, designed as a low-cost solution for driving continuous output currents up to 4 A and pulse currents up to 7 A. The safe operating area (SOA) has no second breakdown limitations and can be observed for all type loads by choosing an appropriate current-limiting resistor. The MOSFET output stage is biased AB for linear operation. External compensation provides flexibility in choosing bandwidth and slew rate for the application. Apex Microtechnology’s Power SIP package uses a minimum of board space allowing for high-density circuit boards. The Power SIP package is electrically isolated.

  • HHigh-voltage - 400 V (±200 V)
  • Low quiescent-current - 10 mA
  • High-output current - 4 A
  • Programmable current limit
  • Piezoelectric positioning
  • High-voltage instrumentation
  • Electrostatic transducers
  • Programmable power supplies up to 390 V

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