PAN1322 Series

By Panasonic 161

PAN1322 Series

Panasonic introduces their next-generation, smartphone-compatible, place-and-play Bluetooth module, the PAN1322 series. This module features an embedded microcontroller, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR stack, serial port profile (SPP), and AT command set API and antenna. This cost-engineered solution is based on a single-chip solution that integrates an ARM7TDMI processor with a Bluetooth controller. The BT 2.1 + EDR stack provides secure, reliable, high-speed data connections using Secure Simple Paring (SSP), eliminating manual password creation. Embedded serial port profile (SPP) frees application resources, while the AT command set API creates a simple firmware interface using modem commands. An onboard antenna does away with 2.4 GHz RF circuit complexity.

Created with the design engineer in mind, product design cycles are greatly reduced using Panasonic’s reference design and design review services. PCB layouts are simplified using available Gerber files and minimized with Panasonic’s tiny footprint technology. The module is just 15.6 mm x 8.7 mm x 2.8 mm and fully shielded to improve immunity. GPIO is exposed using AT commands. All Panasonic Bluetooth RF modules carry FCC, IC, CE, and Bluetooth certifications.