PICO® 259-UL913 Intrinsically Safe Fuses

By Littelfuse Inc 120

PICO® 259-UL913 Intrinsically Safe Fuses

Littelfuse's 259-UL913 series offers a range of encapsulated fuses approved under the UL 913 standard for Intrinsically Safe Electrical Equipment to operate in hazardous locations. Ideal for use in the oil, gas, mine, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, the 259-UL913 fuse was designed to limit the energy and temperature generated during its operation. In addition to UL913, these fuses meet ATEx and IECEx requirements. The fuse design and its encapsulant are suitable for use in intrinsically safe apparatus with voltage not exceeding 125 Vrms (190 V peak).


  • Hermetically sealed
  • 62 mA - 5 A range options
  • Designed to operate within hazardous environments
  • Meet certification for use within intrinsically safe apparatus for applications such as gas plants, petrochemical, mine, and processing industries


  • Testing, measuring, or processing electronic and electrical equipment