POSCAP™ Capacitors

By Panasonic 100

POSCAP™ Capacitors

Panasonic introduces POSCAP tantalum-polymer solid capacitors to their capacitor product line. The POSCAP product line spans several series of solid electrolyte-chip capacitors which include the TPE, TQC, TPF, TPSF, TPB, TPC, TPG, and TPU series. These capacitors utilize a sintered tantalum anode and a proprietary high-conductivity polymer for a cathode. Panasonic’s innovative construction and processing yields the lowest ESR level in polymer-tantalum technology, and exhibits excellent performance in high-frequency applications. Offering a high-volumetric efficiency for capacitance, POSCAP capacitors are available in various, compact package sizes for a small PCB footprint. Additionally, POSCAP parts demonstrate a high reliability and high heat resistance, making them the ideal chip capacitor for digital, high-frequency devices and more.

Features and Benefits
  • Low profile package size: 0.9 mm height (TPU)
  • Very low ESR, down to 5 mΩ
  • Large capacitance up to 1500 µF
  • High temperature reflow solder capable up to 260°C
  • RoHS-compliant
Industries and Applications
  • High volumetric efficiency for capacitance
  • Safe alternative to generic tantalum capacitors
  • Variety of low-profile packages opens up PCB space
  • Wide application coverage
Industries and Applications
  • Consumer / industrial electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Appliances
  • PC / servers
  • Set-top boxes
  • Audio / visual equipment
  • FPGA power delivery
  • Router / switch/base stations
  • Test and measurement

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