RotaConnect™ Rotatable Board-to-Board Connectors

By Amphenol ICC 132

RotaConnect™ Rotatable Board-to-Board Connectors

Amphenol ICC's RotaConnect is a unique rotatable board-to-board SMT connector that can be used to support perpendicular, coplanar and angled connections, in multiple mating/un-mating directions.

The hermaphroditic "mates to itself" design enables mating at any angle between +90° and -60° which enables the connector to be placed anywhere on the PCB. This connector is available in 2 and 4 positions.

The RotaConnect design allows the use of a single part number which will comprise both male and female contacts. High temperature-grade housing material is reflow soldering compatible, and the tape and reel packaging permits vacuum pick-and-place application.