SCRH125 Series SMT Shielded Power Inductors

By Signal Transformer 177

SCRH125 Series SMT Shielded Power Inductors

Signal Transformer's shielded, miniature SMD power inductors are wire-wound, flat-top designs with a powerful magnetic shield providing EMI protection in filtering applications. They are ideal for high-density circuit boards in low-cost commercial and consumer products. The series features economical low-seated profile packages compatible with a variety of ICs from National Semiconductor, Enpirion, Marvel, Analog Devices, Fairchild, Linear Technologies, Power Integration, and Texas Instruments, among others. These rugged and reliable small-size components are well suited for the most aggressive SMT automated high-speed pick-and-place assemblies and are capable of withstanding extreme soldering temperatures.

Specifications Design Features
  • Inductance range: 10.0 uH to 1000 uH
  • Current range: 0.40 A to 4.0 A
  • DC resistance range: 25.0 mOhms to 1.53 Ohms
  • Test frequency: 1 kHZ
  • Height: 6.0 mm maximum
  • Length x width: 12.5 mm x 12.5 mm maximum
  • Magnetically-shielded design
  • High-frequency multipurpose and wide-range power-choke filtering
  • Low EMI capability
  • Low DC resistance for greater efficiencies
  • Excellent power density
  • Robust terminations
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