TPS621x0x Step-Down Converters

By Texas Instruments 79

TPS621x0x Step-Down Converters

Texas Instruments' TPS62130A/40A/50A families are easy-to-use, synchronous step-down DC-DC converters optimized for applications with high-power density. A high switching frequency of typically 2.5 MHz allows the use of small inductors and provides fast transient response, as well as high-output voltage accuracy by utilization of the DCS-Control™ topology.

With its wide-operating input-voltage range of 3 V to 17 V, the devices are ideally suited for systems powered from either a Li-Ion or other batteries, as well as from 12 V intermediate power rails. It supports up to 1 A, 2 A, and 3 A (TPS62130A, TPS62140A, TPS62150A) continuous output current at output voltages between 0.9 V and 6 V (with 100% duty cycle mode).

The output-voltage startup ramp is controlled by the soft-start pin, which allows operation as either a standalone power supply or in tracking configurations. Power sequencing is also possible by configuring the Enable (EN) and open-drain Power Good (GP) pins.