VIPer™ Plus Series Converters

By STMicroelectronics 103

VIPer™ Plus Series Converters

STMicroelectronics' VIPerPlus series 1 (VIPER01 devices) integrates an error amplifier and a logic-level MOSFET that makes it possible to build a simple and ultra-low consumption SMPS (buck, buck-boost or flyback) with a 5 V output voltage. A unique overvoltage protection and the 18 VDC drain voltage start up make it robust and reliable.

The VIPer0P is characterized by a unique zero-power mode and is ideal for all SMPS up to 7 W with a wide input voltage range. The device also integrates an error amplifier and a logic-level MOSFET, simplifying the design of compact and ultra-low consumption SMPS (buck or flyback) with a 5 V output voltage.

  • The VIPerPlus series 5 provides the highest efficiency using a quasi-resonant topology
  • The VIPerPlus series 6 integrates an error amplifier to meet the most advanced SMPS requirements, reducing the part count
  • The VIPerPlus series 7 features brown out and overvoltage protection for improved reliability
  • The VIPerPlus series 8 offers peak power capability to sustain 1 to 2 second overloads for enhanced robustness

STMicroelectronics high-voltage converters integrate a PWM controller and a high-voltage power MOSFET (800 V) in a single chip, featuring a robust and compact AC-DC solution.

VIPer™ plus series offline converters offer 800 V avalanche-rugged power section, as well as numerous features to reduce external components count and ensure efficient AC-DC conversion. They feature extremely-low total power consumption (less than 30 mW at 265 V) from the mains when the system is in standby mode. Constant-current operation with an adjustable set point allows use with all mains voltages in SMPS designs up to 30 W.

  • High efficiency using quasi-resonant version
  • Easily meets all energy-efficiency regulations
  • Ultra-low power-supply consumption: 30 mW standby at 265 V
  • Avalanche-rugged 800 V power section for high robustness and reduced clamp cost
  • Jittering feature reduces EMI filter cost and helps meet the EN550022 class B specifications