ATAVRXPLAIN Evaluation and Demonstration Kit

By Microchip Technology 124

ATAVRXPLAIN Evaluation and Demonstration Kit

Microchip's Xplain is an easy-to-use evaluation and demonstration kit for ATxmega128A1, offering complete hardware for evaluating the highly accurate analog functionality of the device. The ADC can be used to read a temperature sensor and a potentiometer, and the DAC can be used to generate sound on a mono speaker. Xplain also demonstrates how to interface external memories; the kit features 8MB SDRAM and 8MB data flash connected to the ATxmega128A1. Eight push buttons and eight LEDs are available for user interaction. The USB interface is a communication gateway between the ATxmega128A1 and a USB COM port.

AVR1907: Xplain Hardware Guide

AVR1010: App Note

  • ATxmega128A1 microcontroller
  • External memory
    • 8 MB SDRAM
    • 8 MB serial data flash
  • AT90USB1287
    • Communication gateway
    • Programmer for Microchip® AVR® XMEGA
  • Analog input (to ADC)
    • Temperature sensor
    • Potentiometer
  • Analog output (from DAC)
    • Mono speaker via audio amplifier
  • Digital IO
    • UART communication through USB gateway
    • 8 micro switch buttons
    • 8 LEDs
    • 8 spare analog pins
    • 8 spare digital pins

Diagram of the Xplain Kit

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