AVR32 32-bit MCU - UC3

By Microchip Technology 52

AVR32 32-bit MCU - UC3

The Microchip AVR32 UC3 product family is built on the new AVR32 UC core optimized for highly integrated embedded applications requiring microcontrollers with on-chip Flash program memory, high computation throughput, real-time behavior and low power consumption.


  • High computation throughputs: The AVR32 UC core is single cycle operation and has a tightly coupled SRAM.
  • Deterministic and real-time control: The Atomic read-modify-write (bit banding) and fast interrupt response provide fine event control.
  • Low power: AVR32 UC core works smart. It requires lower bus activity and lower operating frequency than other architectures.
  • Low system cost: The Instruction set gives high code density resulting in smaller memory usage.
  • High reliability: The AVR32 UC safely boots from the RC-oscillator. The NMI ensures critical event processing and the MPU secures memory accesses.
  • Easy to use: High performance and code density allows software designers to use high level programming methodologies without execution speed or cost penalty.

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