bq51013B Wireless Power Receiver IC

By Texas Instruments 192

bq51013B Wireless Power Receiver IC

Texas Instruments' bq51013B is an advanced, flexible, secondary-side device for wireless power transfer in portable applications. The bq51013B provides the AC/DC power conversion and regulation while integrating the digital control required to comply with the Qi v1.1 communication protocol. Together with the bq50xxx primary-side controller, the bq51013B enables a complete contact-less power-transfer system for a wireless power-supply solution. Global feedback is established from the secondary to the primary in order to control the power-transfer process utilizing the Qi v1.1 protocol.

The bq51013B device integrates a low-resistance synchronous rectifier, low-dropout regulator, digital control, and accurate voltage and current loops to ensure high efficiency and low power dissipation.

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