bq51051B Wireless Power Li-Ion Charger Receivers

By Texas Instruments 115

bq51051B Wireless Power Li-Ion Charger Receivers

Texas Instruments' bq5105B is a high-efficiency, wireless power receiver with Li-Ion/Li-Pol battery charge controller for portable applications. The bq5105x device provides efficient AC/DC power conversion, and integrates digital controller required to comply with Qi v1.1 communication protocol and all necessary control algorithms needed for efficient and safe Li-Ion and Li-Pol battery chargers.

Together with bq500210 transmitter-side controller, the bq5105B enables a complete wireless power-transfer system for direct battery charger solution. By utilizing near-field inductive power transfer, the receiver coil embedded in the portable device can pick up the power transmitted by transmitter coil. The AC signal from the receiver coil is then rectified and conditioned to apply power directly to the battery. Global feedback is established from the receiver to the transmitter in order to stabilize the power-transfer process. This feedback is established by utilizing the Qi v1.1 communication protocol.