Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters

By FDK America Inc 52

Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters

FDK America's Tomodachi series provides an ideal DC/DC converter solution for network products, servers, and storage applications needing low-voltage, high current, and fast transient response. PMBus™ supports a wide range of commands to both control and monitor the module with a full range of protections and warnings, digital on/off, trim, margin, power good, rise time adjustment, and input under-voltage lockout. Tunable Loop™ allows the user to optimize the dynamic response of the converter to match the load with reduced amount of output capacitance in order to optimize dynamic output voltage response.


  • 40 A, 20 A, 12 A, 6 A, and 3 A modules
  • Very-small foot-print SMD packages
  • Equipped PMBus communication and tunable Loop™ technology
  • Programmable tightly-regulated output voltage
  • Fixed switching frequency with external synchronization
  • Power good signal output
  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection