Plateau HS Dock+ Connector System

By Molex Inc 114

Plateau HS Dock+ Connector System

Molex's Plateau HS Dock+ high-speed docking connectors feature an innovative, plated-plastic housing for outstanding signal integrity (SI) performance and multiple options for application design flexibility. Molex utilizes proprietary Plateau Technology (plated gold housing) to create a high-speed docking connector system for differential and single-ended applications. These fully-shielded connectors have a robust contact design featuring four levels of mating (first-mate/last-break) with a compliant pin for the PCB interface. With a low-mating force, guide features, various offset heights, and the ability to mate in a standard coplanar or inverted coplanar position, this high-speed docking connector system is ideal for PCB-blade (option card) to PCB-midplane (host) applications.

Plateau HS Dock+ connectors retain all of the standard features of the Plateau HS Dock connectors. The new connectors achieve up to 20.0 A per blade and 25 Gbps data rates to meet higher current requirements. Guide modules are reinforced in the PCB to provide a robust guidance for blind-mating. A stiffener bar is used for alignment and locks all of the modules together. This ensures co-planarity between modules and maintains a strong retention of the power modules and guide pins to the PCB.

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Features and Benefits

  • Gold or phosphorus-nickel-plated plastic housings: Provide shielding for low cross-talk and electrostatic discharge (EDS) grounding
  • Multiple circuit sizes available: Plateau HS Dock+ connectors - 108 and 144; Plateau HS Dock connectors - 72, 108, 120, and 144: Provide design flexibility for differential signaling
  • Insert-molded terminals: Provide robust and reliable contact interface
  • Press-fit compliant pin: Provides positive retention to PCB
  • Four levels of mating: Support hot-pluggable applications
  • Robust guide modules: Provide reinforcement and guidance between the connector and PCB in blind-mating applications
  • Power-blade module: Provides up to 20.0 A for high-current requirements
  • Additional ground pins and standoffs on lower housing: Reduces cross-talk and return loss by 30% at 10 GHz
  • Plateau HS Dock+
    • Data-speeds up to 25 Gbps supports next-generation system performance upgrades: Ensures backward compatibility to standard
  • Plateau HS Dock connectors
    • Plateau HS Dock: Data-rates speeds up to 10 Gpbs for use in multiple PCB-blade (option card) to PCB-midplane (host) applications
    • Interposer assembly: Provides a robust, high-speed 29.00 mm offset interface, for high-density or multiple-interface applications


  • Networking
    • Blade server
    • Mezzanine add-on cards
    • Servers
  • Telecommunications
    • Hubs
    • Routers
    • Switches