SAM3U-EK Development Board

By Microchip Technology 89

SAM3U-EK Development Board

Microchip's SAM3U series is a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 Flash microcontroller with high-speed 480 Mbps USB + Phy.

The SAM3U-EK development kit (SAM3U-EK) allows the development of the SAM3U series devices. With enough features to demonstrate most of the product’s capabilities to the users, the SAM3U-EK development kit features extension connectors to allow the users to add new interfaces that they are not on-board.

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The Microchip SAM3U-EK development kit contains the following items:

  • Welcome letter
  • SAM3U-EK board
  • Power supply
  • Universal input AC/DC power supply with US, Europe and UK plug adapters
  • One 3V lithium battery type CR1225
  • One USB cable
  • One serial RS232 cable

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