SMD NTC Thermistors


SMD NTC Thermistors

Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors are thermally sensitive semiconductor resistors which show a decrease in resistance as temperature increases. EPCOS brand NTC thermistors are simple, but very sensitive and accurate sensing elements for measuring and control temperature in circuits.

Features and Benefits
  • Case sizes EIA 0402 ... 1206
  • Tolerance classes of ±1, ±3, and ±5%
  • Excellent lifetime performance
  • Aging stability up to +150°C operating temperature
  • AEC-Q200 qualification
  • Broad portfolio of R- and B- values
  • High accuracy temperature sensing and thermal compensation
  • LED lighting
  • Rechargable batteries
  • Hard disk drives (e.g. in DVD recorders, laptops)
  • RF modules and TCXO
  • Power amplifiers
  • Fan micro controller
  • Automotive: tire pressure monitor, motor management, airbag, LED lighting, gear box control, temperature control for the battery pack in conventional, hybrid electric and full-electric vehicles, sensor system, display

Design Tool

EPCOS NTC R/T Calculation