T529 Series Small Case-Size Substrate Terminal Pol

By KEMET 454

T529 Series Small Case-Size Substrate Terminal Pol

The KEMET low-ESR polymer series is a tantalum capacitor with a Ta anode and Ta2O5 dielectric. A conductive organic polymer replaces the traditionally used MnO2 as the cathode plate of the capacitor. This results in very-low ESR and improved capacitance retention at high frequency. The KO-CAP also exhibits a benign failure mode which eliminates the ignition failures that can occur in standard MnO2 tantalum types. KO-CAPs may also be operated at voltages up to 90% of rated voltage for part types with rated voltages of ≤ 10 volts, and up to 80% of rated voltage for part types > 10 volts with equivalent or better reliability than traditional MnO2 tantalum capacitors operated at 50% of rated voltage. The T529 series KO-CAP uses a substrate termination design, which results in the most volumetrically-efficient packaging technology available today in polymer tantalum chip capacitors. This series offers high-capacitance values in a small 2012-10 (2.0 mm (L) x 1.2 mm (W) x 1.0 mm (H)) package size. The T529 series is ideal for use in densely populated circuits such as smart phones and digital cameras, where space restrictions do not allow for larger and more commonly available case sizes.

  • Polymer cathode technology
  • Substrate termination
  • Low profile: 1.0 mm maximum
  • Non-ignition failure mode
  • Improved volumetric efficiency
  • Self-healing mechanism
  • Use up to 90% of rated voltage (10% derating)
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free
  • Lead-free 260°C reflow capable
  • Smart-phones
  • MP3 players
  • Digital cameras
  • GPS navigation systems
  • Wi-Fi modules
  • Analytical and test equipment
  • Audio/sound circuits