0402 Thin Film Inductors

By AVX Corporation 131

0402 Thin Film Inductors

AVX has developed a thin film inductor in the 0402 size that offers high Q and tight tolerances with high current handling capability as well as repeatability. With its Land Grid Array (LGA) packaging and miniature size, the inductors provide both high frequency performance and rugged construction for reliable automatic assembly in applications such as mobile communications, satellite TV receivers, GPS, vehicle location systems, wireless LANs, filters, and matching networks.

The L0402 Inductor is the thin film equivalent of wire-wound inductors. This thin film product is capable of being produced in any value with tolerance ranges that are much tighter than those offered by wire-wound equivalents. It offers high current in a surface mount configured inductor, so there is no constraint in values, as in wire-wound inductors. The LGA offers an inherent low profile, excellent solderability and better heat dissipation, while allowing for self-alignment during reflow.

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