Cyclone V Starter Kit

By Terasic Inc. 148

Cyclone V Starter Kit

Terasic's Cyclone® V starter kit presents a robust hardware design platform built around the Altera Cyclone® V GX FPGA, optimized for the lowest cost and power requirement for transceiver applications with industry-leading programmable logic for ultimate design flexibility. With Cyclone® V FPGAs, you can get the power, cost, and performance levels you need for high-volume applications including protocol bridging, motor control drives, broadcast video converter and capture cards, and handheld devices. The starter kit development board includes hardware such as arduino header, on-board USB blaster, audio and video capabilities and much more. In addition, an on-board HSMC connector with high-speed transceivers allows for an even greater array of hardware setups. By leveraging all of these capabilities, the Cyclone® V starter kit is the perfect solution for showcasing, evaluating, and prototyping the true potential of the Altera Cyclone® V GX FPGA.


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