E-Snap™ Subminiature Edge Mount Connectors

By Winchester Electronics 117

E-Snap™ Subminiature Edge Mount Connectors

Winchester Interconnect's E-Snap series edge mount connectors are engineered to be used with PCMICA cards and employed in wireless applications. They incorporate a proprietary design to ensure exceptional board retention and RF performance without the use of adhesives. E-Snaps feature small protrusions inside their slots, allowing connectors to "snap" securely into previously solder-pasted holes as they are slid onto the PCBs. This unique ability to lock firmly in place for re-flow soldering drastically reduces strain on the solder joint and provides a very durable mount to the PC board. With this series, EOEMs benefit from throughput and cost efficiencies, as the time and expense associated with applying an adhesive are eliminated.

Winchester Interconnect's entire E-Snap series connectors meet or exceed all industry mechanical, electrical, and environmental standards. They further feature a straight-through contact design to ensure reliability and 50 Ω of impedance. Additionally, they provide quality, repeatable performance to 18 GHz and have gold plated contacts.