EnOcean Modules and Products - 902 MHz

By Enocean 97

EnOcean Modules and Products - 902 MHz

EnOcean has a new line of energy-harvesting wireless modules, communicating on the 902 MHz band, for the North American market. These new products increase the effective radio-frequency range, offer enhanced resistance to interference, and simplify product development efforts due to shorter antenna lengths. The new modules add to the existing 315 MHz Dolphin portfolio and include a self-powered wireless switch module (PTM 210U), a solar-powered wireless sensor module (STM 300U), as well as transceiver modules for controllers and gateways (TCM 300U and TCM 320U).

EnOcean has identified 902 MHz as the optimal additional, license-free frequency for energy-harvesting wireless technology in the North American region, as it meets legal regulation requirements, as well as forecasted trends over the coming years. Furthermore, the 902 MHz is in the less crowded sub 1 GHz frequency band which offers reliable, long-range wireless communication for numerous batteryless wireless applications in building, home, and industrial automation.

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors

  • PTM210U - Electrodynamic push-button 4-channel switch transmitter module with internal antenna
  • STM300U - Harvesting transceiver module for multi-purpose sensors (without energy harvester, energy storage, and antenna). Surface-mount module.
  • STM320U - Window-contact sensor module (includes on-board reed contact, solar cell, energy store, and helix antenna)
  • STM332U - Temperature sensor module (includes on-board temp sensor, solar cell, energy store, whip antenna, and pin connector for HSM100 humidity sensor and programming)

Wireless Transceiver Module

  • TCM300U - Transceiver, 3 V SMD module, connector pin for whip or 50 Ohm antenna, surface-mount module
  • TCM310U - Gateway transceiver module, connector pin for whip or 50 Ohm antenna, (not programmable), surface-mount module
  • TCM320U - Transceiver 3 V with pin connector, wire antenna
  • USB300U - EnOcean USB transceiver

Developer Kits

  • EDK350U - EnOcean developer kit; Content: EOP 350 Dev board, USB 300U, TCM 320U, STM 300U, ECO 200, PTM 330U, ST 33xU, and USB cable
  • EDK352 - EnOcean developer kit thermo, upgrade for EDK 350, Content: STM 312, ECT 310, Peltier element, USB cable, and user manual
  • ESK300U - Dolphin starter kit 902 MHz; Content: PTM 210U, STM33xU, ECO 200, PTM 330U, USB 300U, and housing parts

Kits and Accessories

  • HSM100 - Piggyback board with humidity sensor that plugs into STM330 module

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