MLX80104 LIN Switch/LIN IO-Control

By Melexis Technologies NV 73

MLX80104 LIN Switch/LIN IO-Control

Melexis' MLX80104 is a fully-integrated LIN slave for switch or similar IO-Control/Extension in automotive applications. It is suitable for bus systems according to LIN 2.x as well as SAE J2602. All necessary components are integrated into one single silicon die. The MLX80104 consists of a microcontroller, voltage regulator, LIN physical Layer, LIN Protocol Driver, ADC, PWM, as well as high-voltage IOs.

The combination of a physical layer LIN transceiver and a LIN protocol controller, along with easy-to-configure switch inputs and PWM outputs, makes it possible to develop simple, powerful, cheap switch slave nodes for LIN bus systems in a short timeframe.

Features and Benefits
  • Applications controller
    • Internal 12 MHz RC-Oscillator
    • 16-bit MULAN MCU with 16 kB ROM, 512 Byte RAM, 192 Byte EEPROM with ECC
  • LIN Protocol Controller according to LIN 2.x and SAE J2602
    • Baud rate up to 19.2 kBaud
    • Frame processing
    • Low interrupt load to the application
  • LIN Transceiver according to LIN 2.x and SAE J2602
    • Slew rate control for best EME behavior
    • High EMI immunity
  • Voltage Regulator
    • Low standby-current consumption of typ 25 µA in sleep mode
    • Over-temperature shutdown, 45 V load dump protected
  • Other Features
    • Automotive temperature range of -40°C to 125°C
    • Small MLF 5 x 5 28-pin package
  • IO Configuration
    • 18 fully-configurable high-current/high-voltage inputs/outputs (7 mA/26.5 V)
    • Ground-shift tolerant IOs
    • All IOs configurable pull-up or pull-down characteristics
    • Eight PWM outputs (8-bit, 80 Hz to 30 kHz)
    • Ten 10-bit ADC channels
    • Eight interrupt capable inputs
    • Configurable wake-up sources (LIN, IOs, ADC)
    • Constant current output (2 mA) for external low-voltage loads via bipolar transistor
    • IOs fully diagnosable
    • Integrated window watchdog and additional independent analogue watchdog

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