OLinuXino Single Board Linux Computer

By Olimex LTD 159

OLinuXino Single Board Linux Computer

Olimex's OLinuXino development boards are ready-to-use, easy to setup and is suitable for embedded programming enthusiasts, Linux hobbyists, gadget fans, and professionals, as its low cost makes it a very good solution for application-oriented embedded systems. The main usage of this board is software-embedded development without needing perfect understanding of the hardware.

The strong points of the OLinuXino include the processor speed, mobility of the board, and the low price. Customers have full access to the technical documentation of this board. The software is released under General Purpose License and the board is considered open-hardware.


  • iMX233 ARM926J processor at 454 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • SD-card connector for booting the Linux image
  • TV PAL/NTSC video output
  • 2 USB high speed host
  • Optional Wi-Fi RTL8188CU module
  • Stereo audio input
  • Stereo headphone audio output
  • UEXT connector for connection to different peripheral modules
  • 40-pin GPIO for connection of other hardware
  • Optional Wi-Fi RTL8188CU module

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