Power Line Communication (PLC) Solution

By Texas Instruments 98

Power Line Communication (PLC) Solution

TI’s PLC modem systems provide the best-performing communication platform for today’s Smart Grid networks around the world.

Modern PLC networks utilize OFDM modulation techniques to increase data throughput rates and reliability in inherently noisy environments such as electric grids. Due to its successful history of OFDM expertise, Texas Instruments has long been a pioneer in developing OFDM communications technology. PLC Block Diagram

TI’s PLC solutions provide the flexibility of a single hardware and software design that can support multiple standards, and therefore a single global platform, which reduce R&D costs and speed time to market.

  • Complete, certified, and field-tested PLC modem for PRIME/G3 PLC standards
  • Fully-integrated high-output Tx/Rx analog front-end for PLC supports FSK, SFSK, OFDM (PRIME, G3 compliant); direct digital interface to TI PLC processor with up to 20-VPP output at 1.5 A
  • Optimized F2806x Piccolo™ MCU provides the power of the C28x core and CLA, coupled with integrated control peripherals in low pin-count devices
  • Circuit initialization and timing supervision processor-based solution
  • TMDSPLCKIT-V3 C2000™ Power Line Modem Developer’s Kit includes two PLC modems, PRIME or G3 PLC software, built-in USB JTAG emulation, all necessary power and connection cables, and 32 KB limited Code Composer Studio™ (CCS) integrated development environment