ProASIC3 Starter Kit

By Microsemi SoC 74

ProASIC3 Starter Kit

The ProASIC3 Starter Kit from Microsemi SoC is a complete kit that includes a ProASIC3 starter kit board, a Libero Gold software license, and a FlashPro4 programmer. The board is socketed and is populated with A3PE1500 silicon. Any device in the ProASIC3 family in the PQ208 package may be placed into the socket.

  • On-board voltage regulation
  • Advanced FlashROM capabilities
  • Analog signal LCD display
  • Programming headers
  • Two LVDS channels with a ProASIC3 device
  • Quantity description: 1 Starter kit board with an A3PE1500-PQ208, 1 FlashPro4 programmer, 1 9 V power supply, 1 Quickstart Card
Evaluation Board with an A3PE1500-PQ208 FPGA
  • Eight I/O banks for ProASIC3E (six for ProASIC3):
    • Two can be independently set to 1.5 V, 1.8 V, 2.5 V, or 3.3 V (one for ProASIC3)
    • Four are fixed at 3.3 V (applies to ProASIC3)
    • Two fixed at 2.5 V (applies to ProASIC3E only)
  • Clocks: Oscillator for system clock and manual clock option are provided
  • Eight LEDs and four switches: Provide simple inputs and outputs to the system
  • LCD display module
  • Two CAT5E RJ45 connectors for high-speed LVDS communications
  • Two programming headers: Support in-system programming (ISP) of single and JTAG-chained boards using FlashPro4

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