PWR221T-30 Series Power Resistors

By Bourns Inc. 41

PWR221T-30 Series Power Resistors

Bourns' fixed resistors product line introduces the PWR221T-30 series of radial leaded resistors. Rated to 30 W continuous power and available in TO-220 style packages, the PWR221T-30 resistors have sealed thermoplastic housings and are designed to be placed on their back (white alumina ceramic) against heat sinks for higher power dissipation. The Free-to-Air power rating of these components is 2.25 W. As the alumina ceramic resistor substrate is larger in the PWR221T than other Bourns TO-220 style power resistor models, it provides greater strength when it receives surges or sudden bursts of energy.

The series’ wide resistance range, pulse power handling capability, and low inductance make it suitable for functions such as current limiting, current sensing, capacitor discharge in uninterruptible power supplies, welding machines, automation, lighting, telecom power supplies, aerospace, automotive, and railway equipment.

  • TO-220 housing
  • Low inductance
  • Ceramic backplane
  • High power rating
  • RoHS compliant
  • Power supplies
  • Motor drives
  • Test and measurement
  • Rectifiers