SRF0703/SRF1250/SRF1280 Series Power Inductors

By Bourns Inc. 99

SRF0703/SRF1250/SRF1280 Series Power Inductors

Bourns' SRF0703, SRF1260, and SRF1280 series dual-winding shielded power inductors are designed with dual winding in magnetic shielded packages. The unique dual-winding feature allows these inductors to be well suited for a variety of power applications. Two inductors built into one package are especially attractive for use in SEPIC (single-ended primary inductance converters). A single package occupies less board space and is less costly than two individual inductors.

Through external wiring, a dual-winding inductor can be configured in parallel or in series to achieve many different selections of rated currents and inductances. These inductors have a high-coupling coefficient that is also suitable for 1:1 power transformer and common mode choke noise filtering applications. The magnetic shield of the inductor keeps radiation to a minimal level for applications where a low noise environment is essential. In addition, Bourns Model SRF0703, SRF1260 and SRF1280 inductors’ low DC resistance and high current carrying capability make them ideal for use in various topologies of DC/DC converters, mobile electronic devices, computers, data storage, and consumer electronics.