TCJ Series Capacitor

By AVX Corporation 49

TCJ Series Capacitor

AVX Corporation's TCJ series is a surface mount polymer tantalum capacitor. The developed 35 V 10 µF capacitor comes in a C case size (6.0 mm x 3.2 mm x 2.6 mm). This capacitor delivers a high operating voltage for tantalum capacitors with a conductive polymer cathode of 35 V.

Combined with a low profile design, the high operating voltage reduces the part count and provides design flexibility in board layout. This TCJ capacitor is ideal for applications such as DC/DC converters supplying power for LCD TV's, base stations, rectifiers, switching hubs, routers, and line filters as well as LED power drivers in PC monitors and LED TV's. The 35 V TCJ capacitor also exhibits low ESR and requires derating by only 20 percent (up to 85°C), enabling it to be used at 28 V for additional applications.

The entire AVX TCJ series capacitor also features a halogen-free, environmentally compliant design. A polymer tantalum capacitor offers several benefits including capability for higher power output circuits as it works at a higher line voltage and may also withstand higher ripple currents due to polymer tantalum low ESR technology.

With an operating temperature range of -55°C to 105°C, the TCJ series capacitor has undergone aging and screening processes to assure high reliability, achieving a low failure rate.

  • Capacitance rating of 10 µF
  • Conductive polymer electrode reduces ignition failure mode
  • Lead-free pure tin plated terminals
  • Surface mount package
  • 3x reflow 260°C compatible
  • Maximum operating temperature 105°C
  • DC/DC converters supplying power for:
    • LCD TVs
    • Base stations
    • Rectifiers
    • Switching hubs
    • Routers
    • Line filters
  • LED power drivers in:
    • PC monitors
    • LED TVs
  • DC/DC converters and LED drivers with line voltage up to 28 V

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