TMS320F28026F Piccolo MCU with InstaSPIN-FOC

By Texas Instruments 52

TMS320F28026F Piccolo MCU with InstaSPIN-FOC

TI's C2000 Piccolo F2802x real-time control microcontrollers are available to a broad range of motor designers with the 48-pin package, 32 KB or 64 KB of Flash. Save months of design time with nearly fully-automated motor-parameter identification, software observer tuning, and torque control tuning. Evaluate before you buy with the free, interactive InstaSPIN-FOC online simulation tool. Designers can assess TI InstaSPIN-FOC capability by customizing speed and load profiles on a variety of motors and obtain simulation results within minutes.

It has near encoder performance with embedded on-chip FAST™ observer algorithm, which through only analysis of currents and voltages, calculates a reliable and robust estimation of rotor flux, angle, speed, and torque across use conditions. Accurate, sensorless, estimator performance eliminates the need for a physical sensor in nearly all torque and velocity applications.

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