TPL5000 Nano Power Programmable Timer

By Texas Instruments 34

TPL5000 Nano Power Programmable Timer

TI's TPL5000 is a long-term timer IC optimized for low-power applications. The TPL5000 can replace a micro controller's (µC) internal timer, allowing the µC to stay in low-power sleep mode instead of running a timer, providing a total power consumption reduction of 60 to 80%. The TPL5000 is designed for use in interrupt-driven applications and provides selectable timing from 1 second to 64 seconds.

Some standards (i.e. EN50271) require implementation of a watchdog function for safety. The TPL5000 realizes this watchdog function without consuming additional power. The TPL5000 can also monitor a battery management IC via a power-good digital input and reset the µC if necessary. The device is packaged in a 10-pin VSSOP package.

  • Supply voltage from 1.8 V to 5.0 V
  • Current consumption 30 nA (2.5 V typ.)
  • Watchdog functionality
  • Reset functionality
  • Selectable timer intervals 1 s to 64 s
  • Battery-powered systems
  • Energy-harvesting systems
  • Remote data-loggers
  • Sensor nodes
  • Building automation

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