Universal SMT Contacts

By ITT Interconnect Solutions 141

Universal SMT Contacts

ITT Cannon's universal contacts are independent SMT contacts that provide electrical connections between devices and PCBs. Each contact is manufactured as a single piece stamped product with incorporated pre-load and anti-lift features. These contacts have been designed to replace traditional interfaces where contacts are custom designed into components. The universal contact can be used to connect a number of device components in any direction and configuration using the same interface.

Universal contacts provide over 3,000 mating cycles and are packaged in 12 mm wide tape and reels to the EIA-481 standard. Wear resistance is subject to mating surface finish and plating type. With less than 20 mΩ of contact resistance, pure signal integrity or grounding may be achieved. When deflected, a universal contact provides 0.7N of force with the associated wipe at the specified working ranges ensuring the ultimate interconnect link. Specific models will function under a 40G loading.

UCZ Dry Circuit Pressure Contacts

Features Applications
  • Solderwell that prevents solder wicking up the contact
  • “Side wings” protect the active parts of the contact, preventing it from overstressing and potential damage
  • Domed contact point allows good hertz stress and low contact resistance
  • The X-Y-Z movement allows robust connection between the contact and component assembly during shock and vibration
  • Compliant with WEEE and RoHS directives
  • Range of heights available:
    • 1.3 mm contact with the minimum pitch of 1.35 mm
    • 1.8 mm contact with the minimum pitch of 1.25 mm
    • 2.5 mm contact the minimum pitch is 1.35 mm
    • 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm minimum pitch is 1.45 mm
  • Handsets
  • Solderless component interconnects
    • I/O connectors / board-to-board interconnects
    • Battery contacts / Antenna contacts
    • Grouping contacts / SIM contacts
  • Laptops and computers
    • Memory sticks
  • Home electronic devices / white goods
    • Smoke detectors / security alarm systems
    • Home appliances
  • Automotive - key fobs
  • Medical - CT scan equipment
  • Industrial - circuit breakers for GPS beacons