V-Bite™ RF Connector

By Winchester Electronics 154

V-Bite™ RF Connector

Winchester Interconnect's V-Bite RF edge mount connectors are designed specifically to provide unsurpassed signal integrity in the most demanding RF applications. Boasting an extremely low profile (half the connector’s diameter) and small footprint, the V-Bite series is comprised of Type N, Type F, threaded through-panel BNC, and standard BNC connector types. Twin BNC, miniature BNC, and TNC styles are also available, all V-Bite jacks share the same footprint allowing them to be interchangeable. The engineering of this series provides the utmost in anti-rotation abilities to ensure the stability and reliability of the connection. The devices notably snap and lock in place for secure PCB retention during hand or reflow soldering. Furthermore, the parts are supported from both above and below the board to disperse rotational torque relief to the board, consequently minimizing stress on the solder area.

Ideally suited for any application requiring a durable, weatherproof, medium-size RF connector with consistent performance through 18GHz, Winchester Interconnect's Type N V-Bite is applied to PCBs for acceptance of cable or antenna terminations. The device is offered in an impedance of 50Ω and typically yields low reflection. As such, it may be specified confidently for use in a broad spectrum of high power applications, including communication base station antennas, broadcast, Satcom, and test and measurement equipment.

All members of the V-Bite family are made of machined brass and employ a straight-through contact design to provide an extremely low-reflection factor with a VSWR of 1.30.