Zero Gecko EFM32ZG Family

By Silicon Labs 192

Zero Gecko EFM32ZG Family

Silicon Labs' EFM32ZG family extends the Gecko family into the Cortex-M0+ space. It is architected from the ground-up to allow the lowest system energy. The EFM32ZG has an industry-leading 0.9 μA current consumption in deep sleep mode with RAM/CPU state retention, 32.768 kHz RTC, brown-out detector, and power-on-reset circuitry active. The current consumption is optimized for all operating frequencies, not just high or low. Active-mode power consumption down to 110 μA/MHz at 24 MHz with code executed from Flash. The EFM32ZG includes the market-leading Peripheral Reflex System, which allows for the qualification of complex events without the need to wake the CPU. Unlike the competition, the EFM32ZG can watch for a series of specific events to occur before waking the CPU. Current consumption is as low as 20 nA in shut-off mode.

It is the only Cortex-M0+ on the market with low-power features like AES security hardware and programmable-current DAC. There is no other Cortex-M0+ device containing 128-bit AES hardware on the market. The EFM32ZG is a perfect fit for wireless systems where security is required. The IDAC generates a biasing from 0.05 to 64 μA with only 10 nA of overhead. This precision analog peripheral eliminates external components and can be used for biasing external circuits such as amplifiers, resistor ladders, Wheatstone bridges, and sensors.