Energy-Efficient Stepper Motor Control With coolSt

By TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH 72

Energy-Efficient Stepper Motor Control With coolSt

TRINAMIC's coolStep families are complete microstepping driver ICs with either step-and-direction or SPI operation. With their high-resolution indexer DAC they allow for resolutions from full-step up to 256 microsteps per full-step, resulting in the smoothest and quietest operation and positioning.

They have an integrated indexer for a perfect sinusoidal-wave-form simple operation without the need of programming microstep tables and where current waveforms are required.

The hysteresis chopper-mode spreadCycle™ reduces resonances and vibrations by automatically selecting the optimum ratio of slow and fast decay for every chopper cycle.

With a full set of diagnostics including open load, short-to-ground, and overcurrent plus the patented sensorless load measurement stallGuard2™ systems with coolStep™ drivers are prepared for highest requirements on reliability and robustness.

Without the need of any sensors, coolStep can adapt the motor current according to the load. For evaluation and parameterization for your system evaluation, boards with graphical desktop tools are available.