EverLED™ Replacement 4-Foot Light Tubes

By LEDdynamics Inc 73

EverLED™ Replacement 4-Foot Light Tubes

Instantly make the transition to LED lighting technology.

LEDdynamics' EverLED-TR™ and EverLED-VE™ are direct, "drop-in" replacements for 4-foot standard fluorescent light tubes. EverLED's advanced patent-pending driver technology is compatible with virtually all standard magnetic and electronic fluorescent ballasts, eliminating the need for costly replacement or modification.

There is absolutely no need to modify the fixture and it maintains its UL Safety Rating.

Upgrading your failure-prone, environmentally-hazardous fluorescent lighting system with efficient, long-lasting, solid-state LED technology is now as easy as replacing the tube. This US-made product is tried and true, having been installed in large commercial, municipal, and government installations for several years with reliable performance. EverLED's "plug-and-play" installation allows for immediate and continual power reduction on an expected lifetime of 10+ years, allowing you to realize long-term maintenance and energy savings.

EverLED-TR and EverLED-VE work well with emergency backup ballasts, bi-level switching/tandem wiring, occupancy sensing, and dimming ballasts. They are perfect for offices, as the stroboscopic effects that can cause eye strain and headaches are eliminated.