LDO Regulator ICs

By ROHM Semiconductor 144

LDO Regulator ICs

ROHM offers a wide lineup of general-purpose regulators featuring low power consumption, high current capability, and high voltage resistance, making them ideal for mobile phones, automotive systems, consumer electronics, and commercial/industrial equipment. ROHM’s regulator products can be sub-divided in numerous ways. Common categorization is by maximum output current rating (which is highly dependent on packaging), fixed or variable output type, and whether there is a shutdown function included; note that ROHM indicates the presence of a shutdown switch by inserting a “W” between the base part number and the package call-out.

The CC0 series is also a suitable substitute for ROHM’s legacy LDO regulators: BAxx series (fixed output/3-pin package), BAxxS series (fixed output with shutdown function/5-pin package), and BA00AS (variable output with shutdown function/5-pin package).

  • Foldback overcurrent protection
  • Shutdown switch
  • Low saturation