MeshConnect™ EM357 USB Sticks

By CEL 80

MeshConnect™ EM357 USB Sticks

CEL announces the production release of its new MeshConnect EM357 USB sticks, powered by the premier ZigBee® PRO stack from Silicon Labs. These products provide additional ways to link into and control ZigBee network environments within the connected home, lighting, building automation, and industrial markets.

The MeshConnect EM357 USB sticks utilize Silicon Lab’s EmberZNet PRO stack, enabling monitoring and control for devices with USB 2.0 port connectivity. They are ideal for retrofitting existing products like satellite set-top-boxes, hubs, gateways, and white goods. They can also be used as Sniffers for Over-The-Air (OTA) network logging. Each stick includes an additional 1 MB of Flash memory that can be used for OTA upgrades or additional programming space.

The USB sticks are available in standard or long range options (+8 dBm and +20 dBm) to give designers the choice of radio performance that best suits their link-budget requirements.

  • Networking provisioning and monitoring
    • Ideal for use as a commissioning tool when setting-up networks
  • 1 MB additional Flash memory (off-chip)
  • Firmware upgrades via Ember InSight Port or OTA
  • Home automation and control
  • Building automation and control
  • Commercial and residential lighting
  • Security and monitoring
  • Smart energy/smart grid
  • M2M industrial controls
  • General ZigBee wireless sensor networking

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