Metal-Composite Power Inductors

By KEMET 160

Metal-Composite Power Inductors

KEMET's new power inductors offer advantages over traditional ferrite inductors. The magnetic metal-composite core offers high-permeability and high-saturation flux density for a stronger magnetic field. Another advantage is lower loss, resulting in a more efficient device.

Application Brief: Metal Composite Inductors

  • Improved power supply efficiency with composite metal core
  • Metal cores reduce core losses at light loads, improving power supply efficiency
  • Used as part of a filter or for energy storage
  • High permeability for higher inductance with lower DC resistance
  • Low losses at higher switching frequencies
  • Molded metal structure reduces acoustic noise
  • Higher current power and saturation in smaller packages
  • Available in tape and reel
  • Filtering for decoupling networks
  • CPU, GPU, and memory voltage regulator modules (VRMs)
  • Laptops, tablets, and servers
  • HDTVs, game consoles, and Blu-Ray players
Flat Wire:

High Current - Low Inductance

Round Wire:

Low Current - High Inductance