PF2270 Series Thick-Film Power Resistors

By Riedon 70

PF2270 Series Thick-Film Power Resistors

Riedon’s PF2270 series offers thick-film power resistors in a TO-227-style chassis-mounted housing of a light-weight alumina substrate. The non-inductance design and very-high power rating make these suitable for industrial, high-performance electronics. M4x5 mm mounting screws are included and the resistors feature an isolated metal back plate for a suitable heatsink attachment.

The 200 W power resistor is available in resistances from 0.1 Ω to 1000 Ω at an operating temperature from -55°C to 155°C. Power ratings of 300 W and thin-film 600 W, as well as higher resistance values up to 100 kΩ are available through Riedon.