AQY Series Relays

By Panasonic 128

AQY Series Relays

The AQY2xx series from Panasonic features low CxR and improved on-resistance within three progressively smaller packages. The SOP4 package offers higher current switching in a small SOP package. The SOP4 is capable of switching up to 500 mA with extremely low on resistance while maintaining a smaller industry standard footprint. SOP4 offers improved specifications that allow designers to use this in place of mechanical relays. Ideal for security and system critical applications, as well as alarm and measuring devices. The standard for ultra-small SSOP4 is an industry standard package that offers a 56 percent decrease in area from the SOP4 package. This package is still able to switch up to 120 mA with load voltages of 80 V with either AC or DC voltage.

These devices are designed for semiconductor testing, broadcasting, and medical equipment. Voltage sensitive type PhotoMOS also have a built-in-input resistor which eliminates the need to mount an external resistor and results in smaller PC Board space (space saving). The latest and smallest package is the four pin SON package, which is approximately 43 percent smaller than the SSOP package. These are low capacitance 1.1 pF typical and high speed switching capable making this package perfect for high speed circuit testers where reduced board size is needed. The SON is also available in low-Ron resistance (0.8 ohm typical).