CP2130 Single-Chip USB

By Silicon Labs 221

CP2130 Single-Chip USB

Silicon Labs' CP2130 single-chip USB-to-SPI bridge completes and joins the USB-to-UART, and USB-to-I²C/SMBus devices. The USB bridge device eliminates the need for USB or SPI communications expertise and significantly shortens development time and time-to-market. Along with other bridge devices, the CP2130 does not require an external 5 V regulator or USB crystal and saves PCB space while reducing the overall BOM cost. In-application programming is supported through the USB interface, allowing for customizations in the field. The small, cost-effective, 4 mm x 4 mm package enables portable solutions, and allows the CP2130 to fit in space-constrained applications.

  • Reduces costs
  • Simplifies design
  • Saves development time
  • Simplicity of design reduces time-to-market
  • Small footprint package (4 x 4 mm², QFN-24)
  • Reduces PCB space and fits in space-constrained applications
  • No USB software development, USB expertise, or SPI expertise required

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