Driver and Power Amplifiers

By RFMD 77

Driver and Power Amplifiers

RFMD's RFPA3807, RFPA3809, and RFPA3800 GaAs HBT linear power amplifiers are specifically designed for wireless infrastructure applications. Using a highly reliable GaAs HBT fabrication process, these high performance single-stage amplifiers achieve ultra-high linearity over a broad frequency range. They also offer low noise figure, making it an excellent solution for 2nd and 3rd stage LNAs.

The RF6886 and RFPA0133 saturated power amplifiers (PAs), which are well-suited for a variety of high-performance, high power, and high-efficiency applications. Featuring simple external matching, these saturated PAs can achieve ultra-high linearity over a range of frequencies from 100 to 1000 MHz. The RF6886 comes in a QFN 4 x 4 mm, and the RFPA0133 comes in a 3 x 3 mm QFN.