Flex Suppressor® Sheets


Flex Suppressor® Sheets

The KEMET noise suppression sheet Flex Suppressor is designed for the high-frequency noise that is generated from the electronic devices. The flexible sheet is a polymer base, blended with micron-sized magnetic powders dispersed throughout the material. These sheets are effective for electromagnetic wave and resonance suppression and can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.


  • Electromagnetic wave suppression
    • The electromagnetic wave enters through the sheet and is suppressed by losing its magnetic structure
  • Resonance suppression
    • Controls the high-frequency current and suppresses unwanted electromagnetic resonance by creating impedance
  • Wide range of frequencies available from MHz band to GHz band
  • Thin, flexible material used in portable equipment
  • Virtually no limitation to where it can be used
  • Less time required for installation
  • Easily cut into any shape
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free
  • AEC-Q200 (FF1 and EFF4)
  • Radiation noise suppression for electronic equipment, especially mobile phones, displays, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, notebook PCs and tablets, and car infotainment
  • Enhanced wireless power transfer
  • Quasi-microwave range interference prevention inside and in-between electronics; desense in FM radios, digital TVs, LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and optical transceivers
  • Electro static discharge (ESD) countermeasures

Application Examples

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