High-Efficiency Power Inductors


High-Efficiency Power Inductors

TAIYO YUDEN's CKP2520 multilayer chip power inductors achieve better performance compared to the company's previous industry-leading CKP series parts. The -2R2 part, for example, offers DC resistance and rated current improvements of 35% and 44%, respectively. With an EIA 1008 case size footprint of 2.5 x 2.0 mm and a maximum height of only 1.0 mm, CKP2520 devices facilitate the design of thinner, higher-performance, multifunction cell phones, digital cameras and other battery-powered ultra-portable electronic equipment.

The continuing miniaturization trend in the feature-rich portable device market is driving the need for smaller, thinner choke coils and multiple DC-DC converters. In response, refinements to TAIYO YUDEN's material science techniques generated component structural improvements that resulted in significant performance increases relative to case size.

Tighter electromagnetic field control and a proprietary new internal-electrode printing process that doubled the thickness of the internal conductor resulted in dramatically lower DC resistance (RDC) and higher current ratings.