TPS92411 Floating Switch

TPS92411 Floating Switch

Texas Instruments' TPS92411 is a 100 V floating MOSFET switch for use in offline LED lighting applications. It is used in conjunction with a current regulator that can achieve greater than 0.9 power factor to create an LED drive solution with low-ripple current. When properly designed, solution performance is comparable to traditional flyback-, buck-, or boost-based AC/DC LED drivers. The approach requires no inductive components saving size and cost.

Slew controlled low-frequency operation of the TPS92411 switches creates very little EMI. Package options include SOT23-5 and PSOP-8, allowing the user to optimize for small size or scale for high power. Using the PSOP-8 package, design of LED luminaires up to 70 W is possible. Other features include a UVLO circuit to monitor when the device has sufficient voltage to operate properly and overvoltage protection.

  • High-performance solution for driving LEDs from AC mains
  • Simplifies design of phase dimmable LED driver with high power factor, low total harmonic distortion, and low current ripple
  • Suitable for LED lamp and luminaires up to 70 W
  • Input voltage range: 7.5 V to 100 V
  • Stackable 100 V, 2 Ω MOSFET building block
  • Up to 350 mA current capability (PSOP package)
  • Controlled switch open and close transitions minimize EMI
  • Input undervoltage protection
  • Output overvoltage protection (TPS92411P)
  • Low IQ: 200 µA (typ)