AH1889 Hall-Effect Switch

By Diodes Incorporated 101

AH1889 Hall-Effect Switch

Diodes' AH1889 is a high-sensitivity, dual-output, unipolar Hall-effect switch IC which can detect either a north or south pole independently, and switch one of its two outputs. Designed for low-voltage consumer and industrial applications requiring fast response (without sleep mode), the AH1898 has been optimized to operate over the supply range of 1.6 V to 3.6 V, and without sleep function. Based on chopper-stabilized architecture and an ESD rating of 4 kV, the AH1898 provides a reliable and robust solution over the whole operating range. To help achieve the small solution, the AH1889 has internal push-pull output, therefore avoiding external pull-up. It is available in the small, low-profile SOT553 packages.

  • High-sensitivity, dual-unipolar Hall-switch with push-pull outputs
  • Designed for fast response in consumer and industrial equipment
  • Small solution in low-profile packages
  • High-performance and reliability

  • Proximity and position detect for consumer to industrial applications
  • Contactless switches for fast-response applications
  • Door, lid, tray positions detect
  • Magnetic field direction detect
  • Open and close detect

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