Angled DDR4 DIMM Sockets

By Molex Inc 87

Angled DDR4 DIMM Sockets

Molex’s DDR4 DIMM sockets feature high dimensional stability and excellent compatibility in lead-free and halogen-free technologies. The use of less moisture-sensitive, high-temperature housing material minimizes the incidence of blistering on the connector housing and enables the sockets to withstand high IR or reflow processing temperatures. Meeting JEDEC specifications, these high-speed sockets offer greater PCB real-estate and cost savings with excellent assembly-processing compatibility. Reduced yield losses during assembly processes increase customer cost savings. Additionally, DDR4 features key capabilities that support up to three unique module variations across all DIMM form factors. These include unbuffered DIMMs, registered DIMMs, and load reduced DIMMs.

The press-fit DDR4 DIMM socket offers benefits of lower cost of operation (clean, solderless process); elimination of added heat-cycle that can cause stress to the PCB or degrade electronic components; ease-of application and connection-failure traceability, rework, and termination quality inspection; repair capability and more.

With a 1.10 mm seating plane, Molex’s soon-to-be-released ultra-low-profile DDR4 DIMM socket maximizes vertical space and power savings for advanced telecom computing architecture (ATCA) blade systems and other networking devices requiring high-speed, high-density memory modules.

  • Data/computing
    • High-end computing
    • Personal computers
  • Telecommunications/networking
    • Infrastructure
    • Networking equipment