C Series Power Supplies

By Sanken 61

C Series Power Supplies

Sanken's C-series power supplies save design and production time and cost by allowing end-of-line selection of multiple output voltages to match alternative application circuit requirements, while using the same power supply base unit. DC voltage output modules are slot-mounted inside the base units to provide various combinations of single, dual, or parallel output voltages.

Features and Benefits
  • DC modules can be easily substituted to handle a wide range of voltage combinations:
    • Single output: 3.3 V/5 V/12 V/15 V/24 V
    • Dual output: ±12 V/±15 V
    • Parallel drive: 24 V 132 W
  • Modular design eliminates individual safety approvals
  • High reliability with low noise
  • High withstand voltage and low leakage current
  • OCP, OVP, and OHP, remote sensing and control, and alarm for AC power and fan failure, and low output fault
  • General industrial and commercial equipment
  • Medical and information equipment (approved to UL60950-1, C-UL, EN60950 and EN60601-1 3rd)