CJS and CAS Series Surface-Mount Slide Switches

By Nidec Copal Electronics 58

CJS and CAS Series Surface-Mount Slide Switches

Nidec Copal Electronics' CJS and CAS series are jumper switches in an extremely-small package, specifically designed for replacement of jumper pins or for function setting switches on the PCB. CJS and CAS series help conserve space and provide more flexibility to PC board designing and promote a clean PCB layout. By using these series, circuits can be switched instantly using a driver so there is no need to worry about losing jumper pins. These switches are available in tape-and-reel packaging and are compatible with pick-and-place equipment.

The CJS series is an SPDT miniature jumper switch with ON-ON or ON-OFF-ON switching function. The CAS series is available with two circuits integrated into one miniature package. The CAS-220 is a 2PDT switch with one actuator, while the CAS-D20 has two SPDT switches built-in with two actuators so the circuits can be switched individually.

In both series, the terminal pins are available in J-hook or gull-wing configurations. These high-reliability switches feature a self-cleaning contact mechanism, gold contacts, and are RoHS- and REACH-compliant. Both series are available in board-washable or non-washable construction.

CJS Features
  • Miniature-sized package helps conserve space on PCB (CJS-1200: 2.8 mm x 5.4 mm)
  • Marking on the cover makes it easier to find the position of the actuator
  • Twin contact mechanism for high contact-reliability
  • J-hook and gull-wing terminal pins bring more flexibility to PCB design
CAS Features
  • Two circuits in one miniature package helps conserve space on PCB (CAS-220: 3.9 mm x 2.5 mm)
  • CAS-220: 2PDT (1 actuator)
  • CAS-D20: Dual SPDT (2 actuators)
  • Twin contract mechanism for high contact-relability
  • J-hook and gull wing terminal pins bring more flexibility to PCB design


Applicable in designs where jumper pins or PCB function setting switches are needed.

  • Machine control
  • Network peripherals
  • Inverters
  • GPS and RF transceivers
  • HDD extended settings
  • PLC