Correct-A-Chip® Adapters

By Aries Electronics 200

Correct-A-Chip® Adapters

Aries Electronics, Inc. first introduced the Correct-A-Chip adapter concept back in the late 1980s and a lot has changed through the years. Technological feats thought to be impossible have been overcome, while other problems and challenges arise in their place, such as changes in design requirements, technology, and applications. This is nothing new in the world of electronic components and is why Aries Electronics keeps evolving the Correct-A-Chip product line to keep up with the continued advancements in technology.

No longer does evolving technology have to mean wasting usable components that may have otherwise become obsolete. Using adapter technologies, such as Correct-A-Chip, can broaden design possibilities that may not be an option without changing the entire PCB layout. For example, many times the original IC designed for an application is no longer available. The only option left without corrective adapters is to respin the board for a new IC. Designers can instead use adapter technologies in place of the original IC and avoid the time and costly approvals that accompany respinning a new board.

Correct-A-Chip adapters allow additional design possibilities as technological innovations will continue and designers will need to evolve with these changes, just as the Correct-A-Chip adapters have evolved. Virtually any device, regardless of termination style, can be incorporated into a Correct-A-Chip package and used as a completely different design. Adapting from one termination style to another, rerouting signal paths, and adding additional components, Correct-A-Chip can solve the most vexing of design problems and allow conversions to be made without any board redesign, rework, or worry. More problems are now being solved by incorporating the latest adapter advancements into reliable board designs and expanding the options available for designers faced with other costly and less desirable alternatives.

Design Your Own Correct-A-Chip Adapter

Use the worksheet linked below for timely quotations of Aries Correct-A-Chip products. Follow the instructions and be sure to complete all sections and email to: Design Your Own Correct-A-Chip Adapter Worksheet

Correct-A-Chip Flyer

You Can Have:
  • Any footprint to any footprint
  • Any pin-to-pin net list
  • Any termination style to any style
  • Additional components added
  • Small, medium, or large volumes
Correct-A-Chip Series 350000 SOIC and SOJ-to-DIP Adapters

A cost-effective adapter for upgrading SOIC or SOJ-to-DIP without charging your printed circuit board layout on 0.300" (7.62 mm) centers.

Correct-A-Chip Series 351000 SSOP-to-DIP Adapters

Allows 0.65 mm pitch surface-mount ICs in through-hole designs for prototyping, testing, and evaluating SSOP ICs. Can be cut to smaller sizes by user.